Between February 27th and March 1st, ESN Denmark hosted our Spring National Platform 2015.

The National Platform (NP) is the meeting of all sections of one country. During these platforms, which are usually organized several times a year, all sections come together to discuss all issues concerning the local, national and international level of ESN.

The Spring National Platform was organized by ESN DTU in  Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, the most important technical university in Denmark. At this NP, there were more than 35 participants, from the sections of ESN DTU, ESN Copenhagen, ESN Odense & ESN Haderslev and the Candidate section of ESN Kolding. ESN Aarhus was not able to send any participant to this NP. We had guests from iLife (the international student organization in Aalborg) that were interested in participating at our Viking Platform and witness the things and project ESN does. We also had a special international guest coming from ESN Norway, Monika Kalstad (vice president of our buddy country) and 2 international guests from ESN Greece  We were very happy to have international guests and we hope to have even more in the future.

As main chair of the NP we were able to have the one and only Troels Christensen former IB treasurer in 2009-2010. Second chair was Sándor Csikó, current president of ESN Denmark. Minutes taker of the event was also an alumni from ESN Aarhus: Stephen Kristoffersen. The Danish National board would like to personally thank the chairs and the minutes taker for their presence, efforts and contributions.

The National Platform was focused on knowledge sharing, teambuilding and trainings, including many workshops (in communication, IT, strategy...), meet your colleagues sessions and bonding activities. Besides that, there were several interesting presentations: updates of ESN international, National Board report, National Coordinators report, presentation of the different ESN projects...

But the main milestone of our National Platform was the election of the following 2 National Board positions:

  • Treasurer - Evelina Petrova
  • National Representative - Isabel Friis

Since no applications were received for the positions of President, Vice President and Communication Manager, we launched a new open call, and during NP at the AGM Ankara we will elect the remaining positions.

During the National Platform, we signed the partnership between ESN Denmark and Scanbalt Experience, one of the leading student travel companies in the North of Europe, that organises trips to Lapland, Russia, the Norway Fjords... This was a great achievement for ESN Denmark. ESN Denmark is slowly moving to the right direction with partnerships and with a more stable financial structure.

The election of Isabel Friis as National representative is a big milestone for ESN Denmark. This is the end of the mandate of Piero Gentilini, our historical National Representative that has been fighting for ESN Denmark for the last 3 years. Thank you so much Piero for all the things you have done for this country. We will never forget you.

Carlos Guillemot
Communication Manager ESN Denmark