Besides ESN Norway, ESN Denmark has another amazing buddy country which is ESN Sweden. From the Viking Network our national treasurer, Evelina, national communication manager, Bianka and national Eduk8 Coordinator, Carlos went to the National Platform Linköping.

Thursday - 18 February

Arrival day. During the evening there were some nice social - break the ice activities. From the 15 Swedish sections, 13 were present as well almost the whole Swedish National Board plus lot of international guests (ESN Belgium, ESN Estonia, ESN Portugal, ESN Denmark and let's not forget the President of ESN International) came.

Friday - 19 February

The first day of the event started with the welcome from the OC, the Chairing Team as well the Head of the International Office at Linköping Universitet. Then the National Board had a presentation on the updates and then the presentations of the candidates for various positions were on the agenda. The OC managed to organise an amazing ExchangeAbility event called 'Fika in the dark' where a girl with vision disability presented and talked about her life while the participants were blindfolded.

Saturday - 20 February

During the second day besides great workshops, Scanbalt (the partner of ESN Sweden as well as ESN Denmark) had a presentation. Then the international guests also introduced their countries and how ESN works there. The second half of the day was only about voting on different matters for instance partnerships, budget proposal but most importantly the new board of ESN Sweden got elected. They going to start their mandate after AGM Warsaw.

President: Louise Issal
Vice-President: Paolo Alexandriyski
NR: Jeroen van Lent
No Treasurer, Communication Manager, WPA and SeaBattle Coordinator yet.

Sunday - 21 February

More an easy day with some workshops and small sessions regarding AGM, NEC and ESNcard. Workshops were about marketing, Visual Identity, HR and recruitment.

"The OC did a great job, thank you so much! And our life became a bit Sweder! :) "