The entire Danish network gathers usually twice a year to meet and share knowledge, best practices during the National Platform (NP). This time, the event took place in Odense between 11-13 March.

Lots of international guests came from other ESN countries. The Chairing Team (CT) had Idriss Maghiouzi (ESN the Netherlands) as Main Chair and Marcel Ritsema (ESN Sweden) as the Vice-Chair. ESN Poland was represented by Zofia Post, both of buddy countries attended the event: on behalf of ESN Sweden, the Sea Battle Coordinator, Luise Röpke and from ESN Norway, Brit Flemmen Berg, the Vice-President elect of ESN Norway. From ESN Turkey, Serhat Özmen visited the Viking Platform.

11 March (Friday):

The NP was opened by the president of ESN Denmark, Michael N. Truelsen, and some procedures were introduced by the CT. Then from the National Agency, Laila Shultz hold a presentation. The updates from the National Board followed that. Meet your colleague session and numerous workshops occurred, for instance, the Responsible Party workshop was presented with the affiliate from Pernod Ricard Denmark. Matilde Ballabio and Bianka Bárkányi (National Responsible Party Coordinator and National Communication Manager) worked together on that workshop and learnt more what is great and what shall be improved in the future concerning the project. Late afternoon, the candidates for National Board 2016/2017 introduced their presentations.

12 March (Saturday):

The day started with the presentations of the international guests (ESN Poland, ESN Norway, ESN Sweden - Sea Battle), next the treasurer, Evelina Petrova got on the stage with three important financial topics. After the lunch, each section had five minutes updates telling what happened since the last NP: The national partners of ESN Denmark, Scanbalt Experience, and Lycamobile Danmark were also invited as well as, they took the possibility to update the sections. Afterwards, the National Coordinators let the network know what is really going on with projects of ESN such as Eduk8, Responsible Party and about IT, International Erasmus Games etc.

13 March (Sunday):

The election day has finally come. Before, Danish Youth Council, CREA Summer Academy, Section Guidelines and International Updates has been held. Participants visited workshops about ExchangeAbility, SocialErasmus and ESNcard. Then the results of the elections has been revealed. ESN Kolding became the sixth section of ESN Denmark. Out of seven, three board positions have been fulled:

Vice-President: Milad Jami

National Representative: Bianka Bárkányi

Communication Manager: Marliena Chatzimichali


The second NP of the year will be in Kolding.