SocialErasmus Week starts from 16th November until 22nd November.

What is SocialErasmus? It is one of the international projects of ESN. SocialErasmus gives international students not only the opportunity to get to know new culture and system of education, but it enables them to engage as volunteers to act in aid of a local community.

So far there are two events created by one of our sections, ESN Odense.

Tornbjerg Beyond Borders: 17 November 2015

- International students visit a local high school to talk about their experience of living and studying abroad and present their different cultural backgrounds. ESN Odense organizes ice-breaking activities and dialogue-fostering workshops.

Cycling Without Borders: 18 November 2015

Come for a nice cycling trip with an elderly person, in a double cycle and get a smile back!

The event includes a training during which international students will be introduced in learning how to use the bike.
We will give everyone a specific address, where to pick up the bike and the seniors they will ride with. We will all meet in the city center with all of the others, and go for a small route, before heading back to the elderly homes.

and also support Movember! :)