8-11 September

Presidents from 12 ESN countries met at the ESN House in Brussels to share best practices, learn how to better meet their responsibilities as national president, and develop ambitious strategies for development of ESN's goals and activities in their respective countries. President of ESN International Safi Sabuni and president alumni contributed by leading workshops discussions.



Day 1: Arrivals and meeting the participants.


Day 2: Workshops on external representation and introduction to the work of the International Board, as well as a tour of the ESN office.


Day 3: Workshop about strategic development of the National Board. Discussions about long-term planning; the structure of ESN and how it should develop; communication tools used by NBs; and keeping board members challenged and engaged. Presentation of planned community 'Fides Praeses' to support new presidents with the expertise of experienced alumni.

Day 4: Discussions about the division of labor in the NB as well as the goals and opportunities of the NBM vs. the community meetings, such as this one. The latter topic will be an important focus at the upcoming NBM as there is a plan to change the structure of this event for next year.