EMREX is a project that aims to create a new European credit transfer system EMREX. EMREX is a project supported by the Erasmus+ to ease the credit transfer from the Higher Education Institutions abroad to your home university. It allows the students to initiate the credit transfer themselves by logging in online, giving authorisation for the credit transfer and then the credits are transferred immediately between the sending and receiving institution. The system is about to be tested in a field test with the participating countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Italy. The field test will start January 2016 and finish March 2017. After the field test it is the aim that the system should be expanded to more countries.

In this relation the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark was hosting a seminar on the project. During the seminar we received updates on the project and the plans for the future. Erasmus Student Network was invited to present the students view on recognition of credits after a stay abroad.