A while ago (to be more specific: between the 15th and 17th of July) ESN Denmark had the chance to participate at the Greek NP in Patras. The NP had 95 participants, while there were 7 international guests from Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark!
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But what did we so there and why we joined them?
First of all, we held had a country presentation (NB, NCs, what we do, future plans, individual plans, partners, sections etc) and we also conducted the "FICO Tower" workshop, where the particants learned the basics about the budget and had to build a tower with a specific budget. The reason that we wanted to join the NP is to get more ideas from the Greek NB and the NB and NC candidates, so we can improve our network.
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Besides all these, ESN Denmark had the chance to get some feedback regarding the presentation. Furthermore, we met the President of ESN Sweden (from our buddy country), where we exchanged some thoughts about future steps, sending perticipants to the buddy country NPs and so on.
  • Here you can find the agenda of the NP!