The National Boards' Meeting for this semester took place in the wonderful Lisbon, Portugal (16-20 of June)! The participants had the change to meet each other, exchange their experience in the National Level and also participate in several interesting workshops!
In more detail:

  • Day 1 (Friday): The meeting started with some short presentations (The new look of the NBMs, ESN 101 NPs), after the coffee break and the poster session, the Meet your colleagues followed. Then, some workshops came after (A galaxy is brighter than a single shooting star, National trainings, National Committees/Working groups, First steps as part of the National board) and also the International Project Teams had their own workshops (SE, EA, RP, ESNcard, Mov'in Europe). By the end of the day, the participants had the benefit to experience a session from the Uniplaces!
  • Day 2 (Saturday): The 2nd day started with workshops from the International Project Teams, then the session Meet your colleagues followed and the last part of the day had workshops from the International Committees in 2 groups!
  • Day 3 (Sunday): The last day of the meeting was also full and energetic! The day was full of presentations (ESNblog-Opportunities for NBs, Network Care Team: Who are they and what do they do?, Updates about the E-learning platform, General Policies for every ESNer), Meet your colleagues session, 2 rounds of small sessions (A new ESN Section, Galaxy 4, NB questionnaire, E-learning platform, ErasmusIntern and LinkedIn as useful tool for Sections, Kahoot! as a knowledge transfer tool for ESNers) and finally the feedback round. After the closing of the day, the participants attended the conference "European Youth and the Enlargement of the European Union II: What can be done to integrate candidate and potential candidate countries in the European Union?".
If you want to see the agenda with more details, please click here!