Our President (Sándor Csikó) and our Education Officer (Jens Rasmussen) attended the first ever Presidents and Education Officers (PEO) Meeting at the ESN House in Brussels on 15-16 November 2014.


During the weekend, we attended workshops about public speaking, promoting ESN to educational agencies and offices, ESN policy making, and National Youth Councils. Also we got information on the Story project and the importance of the research ESN is doing. We shared best practices on treating common challenges with our colleagues from other countries, and had leadership sessions with Stefan Jahnke, President of ESN International.

Other outcomes

The meeting was a unique possibility for us to get to know many of the other National Presidents and Education Officers from the network. The weekend in Brussels gave us a chance to get to know other colleges and work together as a team on promoting student mobility in Denmark.

Overall experience

Getting to know other people in the network who share the same responsibilities was the major benefit of the event. Taking in consideration that this was the first ever PEO meeting, we are confident that the following meetings will be even more fruitful for the network.

Sándor Csikó
[email protected]