ESN Denmark attended the Council of National Delegates (CND) in Vilnius (Lithuania) from December 11 to 14th 2014. It was probably one of the best ESN international events held in the last years, with really important strategic discussions during the day, and a really interesting social program at night, that gave us a glimpse of the Lithuanian Culture.

You can check the aftermovie of the event here.

What is a Council of National Delegates (CND)?

The Council of National Delegates (CND) is constituted of all the National representatives (NR) and two additional delegates from each country. The delegates are normally national board members but it is up to the National Platforms to appoint them. The CND meets once a year in the midterm between two Annual General Meetings (AGM).

The CND works as an extended CNR (Council of National Representatives). The CNR is composed by only one delegate per country, the NR. There are 5 CNR meetings per year, in which NRs discuss and vote on budgetary, strategic and policy matters, such as international projects, actions of the local level, strength of the network, promotion of ESN, approval of new sections/countries and many more.

CND Vilnius lasted 4 days. The danish delegation was Piero (NR and member of ESN Odense) and Carlos (ESN DK’s Communication Manager and member of ESN DTU).


The CND started on Thursday afternoon, with a Vilnius tour held by the hosting section. The day continued with the opening ceremony, which had impressive acts by the University choir and the orchestra.


The plenaries took place in the Vilnius City council and started on Friday Morning. The first day had updates and discussions of the ESN International Committees (Education, Network, Communication, Finances and IT), ESNCard and the ESN partnerships, the Regional Platforms and the ESN Projects: Responsible party, Mov’in Europe, Eduk8, SocialErasmus...

In the evening, we had the famous EuroDinner, where each country brings traditional food and drinks from home. Besides that, a Lithuanian traditional dancing group made an amazing performance and, at the end, they went down the stage and they made us dance with the best Lithuanian Style.


The plenaries on Saturday were more strategic. The biggest discussions were the budget of ESN International and the presentation of the action plans for the International Board (IB). In the night, all participants had to dress in our most fancy outfits for the Gala dinner, themed as Great Gatsby. Each of us also had to bring a colouring book, which was donated to children as a SocialErasmus activity.


Sunday was the day of votings. Special mention is that ESN Ekaterinburg was elected as second Russian section, Mov’in Europe was decided to continue as Flagship project until July and the CND accepted that the IB works with ESNCard as the next Flagship project.

Besides that, there were smaller sessions with the CNR working groups. The CNR divides into small groups of 5-6 people and each of them work on a specific topic, such as the future of the AGM, the role of the National Delegates or the Role of the Committees.

Sunday night took place in a local pub, where participants made a Beer Pong tournament and sang Karaoke.


On Monday, ESN Lithuania organised a trip to Trakai, a historic city in Lithuania with several lakes and castles. The trip finished with a lunch in a traditional place, where we tried the world-famous Karaim kibinas.

Carlos Guillemot
[email protected]