This time, the Council of National Representatives (CNR) took place in Bucharest, Romania, during May and more specificaly the dates between the 23rd and the 26th of May 2016. 

Day 1: This day was appointed for the arrivals. During the afternoon the OC brought the early birds on a city tour which was very interesting. Later on, the welcome ceremony and dinner took place and the evening ended with a great party.
Day 2: The plenaries took place at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. The first day, the CNR got updates from the International Board, the presentation of the Candidate Section from Liechtenstein and the candidates for CNR Administrator and Secretary presented. After the plenaries, the well-known eurodinner followed with delicious food from each country being present.
Day 3: The second day of plenaries, the International Committees presented their work, strategic discussions and conducted some small sessions. Saturday night was about glamour and fame. After the typical Romanian dinner, everybody dressed up for the red carpet and had fun during the Hollywood party.
Day 4: The last day of the plenaries, presentations and interesting small sessions regarding the 30 years of the Erasmus program, the membership and the power to vote were on the agenda. Most of the time was spent on voting and working in groups. ESN Liechtenstein became the 39th ESN country in the network, our former treasurer (2015/2016) Evelina Petrova got approval as the Main Chair of Finance Committee (FICO). Congratulations once again! As CNR Administrator, after Jennifer Carlsson (ESN Sweden), Selin Gür (ESN Turkey) is going to take over. Regarding the CNR Secretary, Gergana Kocheva (ESN Bulgaria) will take the position from Micka Golinski (ESN France). The CNR also said goodbye to some outgoing NRs and the CNR Administrator & CNR Secretary.