Thursday the CNR arrived in the beautiful city of Lausanne and settled in at the bunker at EPFL. During the day, there was a city tour where we got the option to see a little bit more of Lausanne. At night, there was an international festival going on at a campus with lots of foods, drinks and entertainment from all over the world.


The plenaries took place at University of Lausanne. The first day had a lot of updates from the board and the projects in ESN. The day was round off with the famous EuroDinner, where each country brings traditional food and drinks.



Saturday the plenaries took place at EPFL and was centred on strategic discussion as well as, a presentation by the candidate country Azerbaijan. Saturday night all participants dressed up in their best 20th outfits and took the tramp to the city centre to join ESN Switzerland’s national event Titanic Lémanique, which took us on a beautiful boat cruise on the lake.




Sunday was the last day of the CNR, and a lot of the plenaries was spent with votings, working groups and small sessions.


The day and the CNR were round off with a nice dinner at Va Piano where all the participants had the opportunity to relax, enjoy some nice food and say goodbye for now.