The Annual General Meeting of Erasmus Student Network took place in Warsaw between 7-11 April 2016.

From ESN Denmark all the sections were present and the National President, National Treasurer, National Communication Manager as well as the National Partnership Manager and National Eduk8 Coordinator.

7 April: The Danish delegation arrived to the hotel and during the afternoon the famous Flag Parade started with hundreds of volunteers from all around the world marching on the streets on Warsaw. Later on, the event continued with the opening ceremony and the after party.

8 April: First day of plenaries with the Board updates, Secretariat report, partners of ESN and the introduction of Flagship Project got presented.

9 April: When the discussion about the budget was on with financial documents. Uniplaces came to hold their presentation and during the afternoon Infomarket and workshops were included in the agenda.

10 April: Committee presentations (ICE, NEC, FiCo, ComCom, IT) took place early in the morning continuing with some other partners of ESN for instance Student Universe, and UNICA.

The projects of ESN (SocialErasmus, Mov'in Europe, ExchangeAbility, ESNsurvey, ErasmusIntern, Responsible Party, and Eduk8 also had the chance to give a presentation about their work. After lunch, the votings about the new International Board, Amendments, Flagship Project happened.


Major outcomes:

  • International Board got re-elected: Safi Sabuni, Matthew Clemo, Jovana Stankovic, Gaffar Rampage, Thomas Pappas (2016/2017)
  • The next AGM is going to be in Berlin, Germany.
  • ExchageAbility got elected as for Flagship Project 2016/2017.

11 April: Departure and goodbye from Warsaw