It is our pleasure to provide you the report of the 3rd Communication Summit that held in Brussels, between the 21st and the 24th of July 2016! 
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It was a position meeting, where all the national communication managers, project and committee communication officers had the chance to meet and inspire each other! There were 15 ESN countries represented and also 3 committees (ComCom, FICO and NEC) and 3 projects (Mov'in Europe, ESNcard and Eduk8). 
We am providing you the agenda, so you can have a look what we did.
In more details:
  • Day 1 (21/07): This day was based on arrivals, explanation of the rules of the ESN House and ice-breaking games between the participants! 
  • Day 2 (22/07): We spent the 2nd day in the VUB, where we had several workshops, sharing best practices and presenting what we do in our countries as communication managers! Gaffar (the Communication Manager of ESN AISBL) explained us the communication between the 3 levels and how the insights & analytics work in several communication tools we use (facebook, instagram and link shortening sites).
  • Day 3 (23/07): The 3rd day of the meeting was also spent in the VUB. ESN countries continued sharing their best practices, 4 workshops followed, ComCom related topics (structure, how the committee works and discussion around our needs from the committee "Erasmus Terrorist Network" and linked the topic with our international website. There was also a long discussion around press releases and mass media inside ESN, several countries had to publish press releases (like ESN Spain, ESN France, ESN Turkey) for several events happened in their countries and also ESN International had to deal with a journalist who wrote an article about the " The day ended with the session of #THISisESN.
  • Day 4 (24/07): Last but not least, the last day was mainly presentations and a workshop with brainstorming. After the end of the sessions, feedback and meeting evaluation followed! People started leaving the ESN House and for those who stayed, there was a walking tour around Brussels by the OC

We are​ also providing you the detailed minutes from the meeting, so you can have a full overview of what happened there!