Communication Summit

This was the second time that ESNers with communication or PR related roles gathered in Brussels in order to meet and share their best practices. Communication Summit took place between 24 – 27 August in the ESN House.  Participants from different countries such as Iceland, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Portugal were present – from ESN Denmark, our Communication Manager, Bianka represented Denmark.

Monday: The first day was about the arrivals. During the evening, when almost everybody arrived we played some ’break the ice’ games to get to know each other a bit better.


Tuesday:  The location was provided at one of the universities (VUB), close to the ESN House. Besides talking about how communication is happening inside the network, we also covered what the tasks of a communication manager shall be, had various presentations for example one about Google Adwords and Analytics as well as another on KPIs for communications. 

Wednesday: In the first part of the day we shared our best practices we use in our network. Presentations were hold concerning various topics: Survival Guide (ESN Slovakia), the National Magazine (ESN Germany), Introduction Week (ESN Switzerland) and National Wikis (ESN Sweden) just to mention a few. After lunch we had the chance to participate at interesting workshops related to social media channels, copywriting and basic video editing. Then again presentations by the ComCom members (Communication Committee) and the partnership manager were introduced.

Thursday:  For the last day of the summit we stayed at the ESN House. Presentations about almost all the international project of ESN happened on Thursday. First Maria talked about ESNcard and how can we help the team to promote it towards our students, then Kacper took the floor with Eduk8. Later Audré and Michalina came with Mov’in Europe, Ilja introduced the new concept of SocialErasmus later Kasia spoke about an outstanding project, Responsible Party. For closing we headed to the European Commision for a visit.