The National Platform is the meeting of all sections of one country. During these platforms, which are usually organized several times a year, all sections come together to discuss all issues concerning the local, national and international level of ESN.

Where and when?

This Spring Semester it will be ESN DTU that will organize the National Platform in Denmark, which will last 2,5 days, starting on the 27th February at 1pm and ending on the 1st of March around 5pm.
Guided tours will be provided by ESN DTU on 27th February at 10am, so try to be there as soon as possible! :)

DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) is the most important technical university in Denmark.

Founded in 1829, It is located in the nice town of Kgs. Lyngby, just 20 minutes north from the Center of Copenhagen by train or bus. It has 10.000 students, from which around 2000 are international. It offers 17 BEng programmes, 16 BSc programmes, 28 MSc programmes, 26 Joint International MSc programmes and 19 PhD Schools

What will happen there?

The National Platform will combine plenary sessions and trainings during the day and an intense social program at night.

During the plenary sessions, all sections update each other on their status and events that they organize. The National Board also explains their work and gives updates from the ESN International Level. Moreover, the sections also discuss about the different ESN projects (SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility, Responsible Party…), possible partnerships, finances, education matters (Erasmus+, advocacy…) and many other things. Besides that, several important decisions are taken, such us the acceptance of new ESN sections or the election of the National Board members.

The training sessions will be performed by Eduk8 trainers and have as objective to empower the knowledge of the different members in many areas: leadership, recruitment, project management, section empowerment, intercultural learning. More information about these trainings will be provided the weeks before the event.

For more information, join our Facebook event and Facebook group for the National Platform, where you will be updated with all the news.

How to Register?

In order to register, you just need to fill in the following Registration Form.

The NP is open for all ESNers from Denmark and abroad. But if you are not an ESNer and would like to attend, please write an e-mail to the National Board at [email protected]!

How to propose a topic or workshop?

If you want to propose a topic or workshop for the event, you just need to send an e-mail to [email protected].

Questions or more information?

Please join our Facebook group or write an e-mail to the National Board at [email protected]

27/02/2015 - 13:00 to 01/03/2015 - 17:00