Would you like to visit the spectacular Fjords of Norway? 

ESN Denmark and Scanbalt Experience bring you there:
*Date: 15th - 20th October 2016
*Duration: 6 days
*Departure city: Copenhagen
*Price: 345 EUR (with ESNcard), 355 EUR (without ESNcard)


-Transport by bus for 6 days
-2 night sleeping on the bus
-3 nights’ accommodation in hostels or cottages (shared rooms 3-6 persons)
-Services and guiding from Scanbalt tour manager
-Guided bus tour in Oslo
-Boat cruise on Sognefjord


-Meals (we have access to kitchens where we stay)
-Optional entrance fees and activities
-Bed linen (possible to rent, but we suggest to bring your own to save some cash)
-Bike or canoe rental in Laerdal (book and pay on the camping ground)
-Glacier hike including guide and equipment – cost 58 EUR
-Transfer to glacier, hike yourself – 15 EUR


-Experience the amazing landscape with fjords and mountains
-Visit to Borgund Stave church (outside visit)
-Oslo and Laerdal
-Adventure activities like hiking, biking, walk to the glacier etc
-Boat cruise on Sognefjord


-Glacier hike on Nigardsbreen Glacier, guided by local professional outdoor-guides. Bus transfer 2 hrs. Duration of the hike is about 4 hours, of which 2 hours we walk on the ice with safety equipment (crampons, ice-axe, rope). We suggest you to have your own hiking boots. This walk is not tiring, but takes you through more difficult blue ice formations. During the hike, you will experience the most spectacular sceneries at the lower part of the Nigard Glacier. Be equipped for variations of weather and temperature, from sunshine to rain. The glacier is cold even in sunshine, so bring raincoat or outdoor jacket and trousers, gloves and hat. A day backpack with some lunch, water bottle, warm jumper and dry socks are useful - 58 EUR
-Borgund Stave Church (outside visit only)
-Bed linen at Oslo - 50 NOK, towel 20 NOK
-Bed linen + towel at Laerdal - 80 NOK/2 nights

Booking: http://bit.ly/2bZjuAD

(facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/534390373431903/)

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15/10/2016 - 11:00 to 20/10/2016 - 20:00
345 € with ESNcard, 355 € without ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.