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Cultural exchange, self growth, sharing passion - Discovering new things! Eduk8 is one of ESN International's most amazing projects!

Eduk8 is ESN’s international training project, which aims to empower ESN members to allow them to perform better in their ESN daily tasks. Also Eduk8 aims to create a pool of Trainers empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to educate and develop fellow members in the network. Every day ESN’ers all over Europe, work hard to support and develop our colourful network and while doing so they gain new skills and competences.

Adelina, Ben & Ozhen participated in Eduk8 Autumn Training 2017 in Maribor.  
Read about Adelina's experience:

This fall, the Eduk8 training has given the participants the opportunity to take a peek into some of the world’s most controversial topics of gender, migration and disability. I chose to tackle the migration problem and, by the end of those 4 days of intense training, I was truly content with my decision. The facilitators have shown an inexplicable patience and a useful luggage of knowledge, combining a range of practical exercises with theories and non-formal learning methods. Without spoiling the content, I would like to reveal that we have been exposed to different tools, games or realistic activities. We have gotten the chance to experience how it feels to be a refugee for a few hours by receiving a set of rules and requirements that had to be fulfilled. Each group is formed of 14 participants, allowing us to share personal stories in a safe, friendly environment and learn from each other’s perspectives. The progress of the group is tracked and measured from one day to the other through feedback sessions, self-reflection journals, re-caps and so on. I have learnt the difference between terms that are easily mistaken with each other, such as immigrants, internally displaced people or refugees. I finally understood that there is a clear distinction between inclusion and integration which people generally tend to refer to as the same. Also, the feeling that came as a result of completing a simple task (BBC app - Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route) still lingers, as it taught me the difficulties and struggles of innocent refugees and how wrong the overall perception of society is when it comes to the reasons of their relocations.

The OC has been sweet and careful to everyone’s needs throughout the whole week, giving us advice and assistance almost 24/7. The programme allows participants to mingle with each other, explore the social life of the city, but also to rest and start a new training day with fresh energy. Once you set foot on an Eduk8 ground (event) you are constantly exposed to learning opportunities, growth and self-development by surrounding yourself with a lot of enthusiastic people with a lot of curiosity and eagerness to learn. 

Benedikt & Ozhen participated in the Eduk8 Academy in Sarajevo in 2017. Read their stories here: 

'The overall topic of this year's ESN Academy in Sarajevo was social inclusion. We were able to choose four workshops out of a broad spectrum that dealt with the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, migrants and the awareness of gender equality.
On the first day all workshops were designed to get background information and get a first idea of the different areas of social inclusion. I decided to start with a workshop about people with disabilities, where we got to know different types of disabilities and how they affect a human being. But afterwards, I also attended workshops on storytelling and if gender has ever decided for us, what we are supposed to do.Overall, the ESN Academy was very emotional and allowed to bond with ESN'ers from all over Europe and exchange not only best practices for our sections, but also to grow on a personal level and make experiences that will influence our life or at least mine. It helped to reinforce that we as ESN are standing for a united Europe and that we have still a lot of work to do to make sure that our environment is social inclusive and enables everyone to have the same opportunities to express themselves.
I'm extremely thankful that my local section ESN Odense and the National Board supported my participation at this Eduk8 event and even though I won't be active in my home section, I want to make sure to contribute to the ESN network in one way or another.' 

Benedikt - ESN Odense 
'The ESN Academy in Sarajevo was my first ESN international event and it made a huge impact on me. Together with app. 80 other participants we started a 4-day workshop about disability, gender and migrants. These three different workshops had an impact on every participant, it was subjects you have experienced at least one time during your life. The results were therefore a group of people who became vulnerable, strong and determined to try and change the world the best way possible. Personally, it made me become more encourage in ESN and it became more evident how much we actually try to give back to the society and others.
ESN Academy in Sarajevo made me realise, if we stand together and help each other everything is possible. Kudos to the entire Eduk8 team, they did an amazing job and without their engagement and skills it would not have been a perfect academy'
Ozhen  - ESN Copenhagen 

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