Important Information

Currency Danish Kroner (DKK)
Time Zone Central European Time (CET)
Drives on the Right side
Calling Code 0045
Fall semester August - January
Spring semester February - June

Real facts

  • Denmark is the real Viking country. Other stories saying that Swedes, Icelanders or Norwegians are Vikings are 100% false. What about Finland? Finland?! Is this even Scandinavia?
  • Denmark is a country highly known by our mountains. Our highest point is 171 m high.
  • Denmark has lots of music festivals, but 2 of them are legendary and probably the best in the world in their kind:
    • Roskilde Festival is a one-week music festival held at the beginning of July. Lots of famous bands from all over the world come to play at the concerts held in the outskirts of Roskilde. During the Festival, the 120.000 young people that live there turn the camping into the 3rd largest city in Denmark for 7 days.
    • Distortion is a 5-day electronic music event that takes place in Copenhagen. Every day a different neighborhood of the city gets filled by dozens of stages, improvised dj sets and hundreds of thousands of people that dance, party and get crazy in the same streets of the city. You will never see anything like that anywhere else.

Basic and necessary info for Erasmus and full-time international students

- Residence permit: if you are going to stay more than 3 months in Denmark then you need this permit. Acceptance letter, EU health card(blue one) passport (or ID card) and a picture is needed for the procedure plus a sheet has to be filled in. Please read for more info here.

- CPR number and the yellow card: After this procedure, they are going to send you the residence permit via post, with that letter you have to go to the closest kommuna and request a CPR number (your personal ID number), when you have the number you may open a bank account etc. The yellow card is followed by this (your yellow health insurance card, you are automatically granted access to public health services, hospital treatment and medical help) and you can choose your own GP (doctor) as well.

- SIM card: Your ESN section gives away free Lycamobile SIM card when you purchase your ESNcard. There are of course more phone provider companies such as CBB, TDC, Telenor, Telia, Telnor.

- Bank account: You may open a bank account in Denmark when you owe a CPR number. Some of the banks be found in Denmark are: Danske Bank, Sydbank, Jyske Bank, Nordea, Nykredit

Do not be afraid, everybody speaks Danish and not just the young generation! About groceries and other info please contact your local ESN section or ESN Denmark via email or Facebook.

We are trying to help you in any case! Hope you will have an amazing experience in Vikingland! :-)